Thursday, May 13, 2010

Walk-to-Run...for real this time

YAY! I got to run!

10min walk, for 10min alternate run 1min & walk 1m, walk 11min (somehow got an extra minute in the middle), but I ran a total of 5 minutes (lol). The weather was chilly and foggy; I finally wore those arm warmers I got for Christmas for running! :P I've worn them to work when I didn't have a long-sleeve T-shirt available, but this was their first exercise wear. ha ha. I wore my new Asics; they felt a little weird at first b/c they're not as wide, soft and comfortable as my old ones, but after I got going they felt fine.

I really have to watch what I think about when I run. If I start remembering the times that caused all this mess, then my stress level goes up and my shin starts to ache again. So I have to switch gears and "think happy thoughts." Today I was looking ahead to the triathlon. Speaking of which, there's another one in the general vicinity a couple of weeks later. It's really small, have I told you this already? 9 people signed up so far, only 2 in my age group....

LOL, I accidently just posted this on my husband's blog. I was using Firefox, and he stays logged in. I didn't realize it till I "view[ed]  blog."  :P

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