Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday Swimming

Aack--mapmy run is messed up. I couldn't log this workout.

M and I swam yesterday for ~1/2 hour. S couldn't make it b/c she didn't have anyone to watch her baby at that time. M's shoulder is hurting, so we didn't do the same workout; we just shared a lane.

Warm-up was 2x 50 crawls, 1x50 kicks.
Workout was (if I can remember correctly) 4x100 crawl, another 50 in kicks, a fair amount of talking at the end of the lane ;~)
M brought fins to play with--wow! those DO make you go fast! another lap of kicks and 1 more lap of crawls--with fins. That was different; you can't kick as fast, so you have to find a different rhythm.

My left leg is still achy, so I haven't tried running again yet.

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